The Legends of Poker Annie Duke

Annie Duke is only 46 years old, but is taken into account one of the finest poker players in exciting world of. She started from humble beginnings, the woman of two teachers. Your darling was smart, and figured out how to hold her actually in family poker gaming. She excelled in and out of the class room and found Poker staying one of her selected hobbies on the detrimental.

Annie found herself on the Ivy League out among high school and visited Columbia University. After school she moved to these University of Pennsylvania to obtain her doctorate but left-hand the school early after you have married to Ben Challenge each other.

Her next move ended up being to the Montana back america and she found very little struggling to make payments. As a release of stress and mayhap just to see the correct way she would fare, you entered into the several poker tables in Billings. poker online terpercaya held accumulated a bankroll which means she spent hours acquiring knowledge the arts of our trade of poker and grow to be a pro in not a time, and quickly didn’t remember about their financial fears.

The next move in order for Duke was to Vegas in 1994 and the woman played in the WSOP (World Series of Poker). She took home $70,000 in her first world cup. She proved to the world that women could do just as all right as men in this amazing sport and never can enter the women’s mainly tournaments.

Annie finally created the respect towards Poker players around the world when she triumphed an WSOP wristbands in 2004. The particular was invited on the 2004 tournament even she went complete for round while won the victor takes all function. She received almost $200,000 for that win, which was essentially the most a female grower had ever achieved. Since then she released a book all over herself and won a lot most typically associated with popularity in all of the media. She been recently on many evening TV shows (David Letterman, and its Colbert report) is definitely even tutored Fashion followers on how november 23 at poker. Currently being the poster girl concerning Poker, she comes with gained a regarding national attention includes handled that power quite well when under the focus on.

Annie is regardless out there gambling poker and designing runs at each one of the WSOP’s tournaments. She’s gone far to become three different matches but has and not since been in the capture the fantastic prize. She is right now a member of the Team Ultimate Bet, and spends considerable time just taking proper care of her family. Is actually divorced but presented custody of it is not just and then gone to live in Los Angeles. She’s currently dating and even living with a boyfriend, Jon Rieter, who is a single producer as quite as a Poker lover.