Floor Decoration For Luxury Residential Apartments

The floor decoration of a luxury residential apartment can look better with handmade carpets and rugs. These carpets are used as luxury home decoration materials either as the focal point of the surface area, or as an added statement for the walls of a room. Many consider it to be the most luxurious and exclusive decoration item for an apartment. The handmade rugs are generally of good quality and provides a luxurious look to the apartment space. mauritius apartments are generally expensive.

The craftsmen take many months to complete weaving a single carpet. Each of these pieces are hand-woven. Once placed on the floor, these rugs bring a luxurious look to the place. These rugs are completely woven on handloom and is extremely eco-friendly. Even though the weaving process is a difficult and time-consuming process, these hand-knitted carpets are extremely durable. Cheap chemical dyes are not used in the coloring process of the threads. Even super luxurious apartments like THE Central mauritius will look elegant if you simply place a handmade carpet on the floor of your apartment.

Let’s have a look at the most interesting trends in such decoration ideas. Vibrant color stands out While choosing a handmade carpet for your apartment, you should pick those which feature multiple vibrant colours like violet, red, purple, blue etc. These colours help to change the entire look of the room. A colourful carpet also creates a charming atmosphere which lifts the mood up. The classic example of the vibrant colour rugs contain tiny, complicated design patterns.

If these rugs are to be your focal point, then your room should have minimum accessories and furniture pieces. Vibrant colours also help creating a contemporary look. Just the material of the handmade rug needs to be sari silk. These are made out of recycled materials and enormously bright in colour. Spread out layers of rugs The latest trend of the interior decoration of luxury apartments is to implement layered carpets in the room. This design involves placing one carpet on top of another.

If there is an old carpet that you do not want to throw away, yet you need to use a new one as well, then you can easily use this method keeping the old one in the lower layer. Sometimes, if you cannot find a carpet large enough for your room, you can easily use this method to decorate your room. Bring a rustic touch to the carpets Carpets also look great if you bring a rustic look to it.